It’s just another manic Monday…

…and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and…you get the point. So, ‘how are you anyway?!’ You *I bet* ‘Fine thanks, just super busy!’ Just super busy…Sound familiar? In fact, I struggle to think of a time recently where this hasn’t been the response I’ve received (or given for that matter). And for the most part, I think that it is true for most people. But why? Well here’s my thoughts. It’s pretty hard these days not to be busy isn’t it? I mean, […]

Rockabye, baby, rockabye …

I think the older we get, the more we really appreciate a great night’s sleep. Having used to throw tantrums if I had to be in bed before 9pm, I now thoroughly appreciate a cosy night in, tucked up in bed by 9 reading my favourite book. However, sleep isn’t always the easiest thing to get. We could have run a marathon and may potentially still having trouble sleeping that night. Our bodies may be exhausted, but if our minds are still going 100 miles […]

Drugs, alcohol and all the other forbidden fruit.

Consumption of all the fun little intoxicants tempts many. Many actually venture to do it, without knowing the risks of consumption. Alcohol, consumed in excess, has been proven to cause damage to the tissues in the brain, in fully formed adults. Pubescent, young people are still growing and developing, which means your brains are not quite fully formed yet, therefore any consumption of alcohol could be considered excessive. Alcohol therefore, can cause damage to young brains. So it doesn’t matter how tempting it is to […]

I Heard It Through The Grapevine …

  ‘Honey, honey….’  We all know and certainly remember how tiring studying is. Emotionally and physically and sometimes our bodies and minds really aren’t up for sitting in book, in our room for half the day having done it yesterday and the day before and the day before that etc. Late nights, stress and missed meals will all play havoc with your ability to concentrate whilst studying. Everyone’s capacity for learning is different, but there is one certain way, to ensure your brain is ready […]

Let it go…

“Let the storm rage on…” Positivity? Yes, that old chestnut, thrown about everywhere in every situation these days. It’something we are told we need to practise in our lives on a daily basis, if we want to have a “successful, positive life and future. Hmmmm ….. Well to be completely honest, yes, there IS a hidden truth in there somewhere. But if pushing the New Faith of Positivity isn’t done in a positive manner, then it’s really only creating more Negativity. Real Positivity is not even actually […]


“I gotta have faith, faith, faith…” A wise prophet was once asked which religion was correct.   He said religion is like trying to get to an island in the middle of the sea. There are many boats available. You select the skipper in whom you have the most trust, and the boat which seems most seaworthy. You may laugh at your neighbour who chooses the rowing boat – but then, how do you know your engine won’t break down, and you’ll be left adrift while […]

Baby, it’s cold outside

Did you know it’s officially 102 days until Christmas? I know, I hate me too. And, as I’m fighting a losing battle against the glare of the sun on my laptop, the looming winter months seem far, far away. So, why bring them up at all? Well…  As a teacher I see my life pretty much in six week blocks (seven at a push). So, I know that, having returned to school on Monday, my life will now be one big blur until October half […]

The Final Countdown

“and maybe we’ll come back … will things ever be the same?” The return to school after the summer holidays always will be just a distant thought for every pupil out there snapchatting, messaging, binging Netflix or heaven forbid actually socialising with other human beings! For now that’s just what it is, a distant thought. But believe me, its coming. Whether you like it or not. So if you are going back for another invigorating year of learning, you may as well be prepared. Just […]

Wake Up Boo!

“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning… The sun shining for your eyes…” Making sure you have a GOOD morning, even (especially) on a Monday… They say that the early bird catches the worm, but just how early is early? Well, Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his mornings at 3:45a.m. and it appears that amongst top CEOs he isn’t alone in being an early riser. Luckily for me, I’m not a top CEO and neither (probably) are you, not yet anyway. So we don’t have to worry […]


“By now you should’ve realised what you’ve got to do …” Results day, the two words that A-level students dread. After my exams were over I just felt pure elation and freedom, it is a sensation that truly cannot be put into words. But I quickly realised that all of my hard work for the past 2 years is now over and there is nothing more that I can do. What a delightful thought that is. Waiting for my results over the summer has definitely […]

Mr Brightside

‘Coming out of my cage, and I’ll be doing just fine…’ Welcome back, to the ramblings of Miss Meeks. Once dedicated teacher until the system finally broke my soul in November 2017. I never would have thought 6 months ago when I last posted a blog that I would now be running my own business. **Queue imposter syndrome** BUT it is true. After leaving my school I had a few weeks of wallowing in my pity party for one. Then, I snapped myself into action, […]

Ciao, Adios, I’m done

November 30th 2017 As of today it is 52 days since I decided to quit my job of 5 years. Now, I couldn’t formally submit written notice until the following week, as that decision to quit was made whilst my hair was draped over a toilet bowl at 4AM on a chilly Monday evening. I was having a panic attack. Not my first but hopefully my last. It was as my vomit dipped hair was dangerously dangling around that I realised that perhaps I had […]