Here’s why schools need this service for their students

Information for School Leaders

Pupil Premium

Are you spending the funding effectively?

This is funding for schools to support students from low income families. ‘PP’ students are roughly 19.3 months behind their peers when finishing secondary school. Even though the government provides money to narrow the gap, most schools struggle to know exactly how to do this.

The ‘PP’ budget can finally be allocated effectively. 

Forget costly private tuition and revision guides that will be lost within a week, this platform has been built for these students. People aren’t always suited to traditional learning environments. So many of the issues for Pupil Premium students are to do with self esteem and confidence. They disengage for fear they are “rubbish” or are only used to getting an answer wrong. Our platform reduces the threat of ridicule or embarrassment. Our quiz levels suit the needs of all learners, so everyone can feel a sense of accomplishment for the work they put in.

Small, manageable content, immediate gratification and social interaction are all proven to increase motivation and retention of information.

Long Term Cover Supervisors

Do your middle leaders have time to organise quality cover lessons?

The shortage of teachers in this country is quickly becoming an epidemic. Through no fault of their own schools are struggling to recruit qualified subject specialists. Vacancies can remain open for long periods of time and certain classes may be placed on cover as a result.
Our cover packages by no means fix this issue, but they will alleviate some of the strain placed on staff, in particular the middle leaders who are responsible for organising daily cover on top of everything else….
Our platform has schemes of work, content videos, resources and assessments for whole classes to access – this certainly doesn’t replace the need for a teacher, but it can be the next best thing whilst you search for the right candidate.

Alternative Provision

Assign courses and track progress remotely

Alternative provision (AP) is education outside school, arranged by local authorities or schools, for pupils who do not attend mainstream school for reasons such as school exclusion, behaviour issues, school refusal, or short- or long-term illness.

Students that do not suit traditional education can now watch qualified teachers, access resources and complete regular assessments. Circumstances that are often uncontrollable impact student learning.

Schools and local authorities can ensure that no child is left behind. We want to help with that.

“We estimate that it would take around 50 years for the disadvantage gap to close completely by the time pupils take their GCSEs.”

– Education Policy Institute, Research Study 2017

“We are seeking to provide quality study resources and revision material to the many, not just the select few”

– Matthew Pocock, Operations Director

“Educational inequality starts early. Many disadvantaged children and parents are under-prepared for the transition from home or nursery to school, and this gap widens as children move through school and later life. Those from lower income households are less likely to attend school regularly, are less likely to achieve higher grades, are less likely to pursue higher education and are less likely to find work after school. Without intervention, a relentless cycle of disadvantage begins which spans generations and leaves families feeling hopeless.”

– School Home Support, Registered Charity in England and Wales