A variety of tips and tricks to boost your emotional and physical well-being...


-A guide to healthy eating.
-Lessons on meditation.
-Yoga and exercise guides.
-A guide to mindful social media use.
-Some self-care tips and tricks.

Life doesn’t start and end with school (don’t tell your teachers we said that) therefore it’s important to take care of the key player (that’s you) in order to have you feeling prepped and primed for all of life’s challenges.



Healthy Eating

A Guide to Social Media

Self Care Tips

What is Self-Care?

Self care are actions taken deliberately, for the individual, by the individual, in order to better themselves in a physical, emotional or psychological way. A continued habit of good self care can lead to decreased anxiety and increased mood, in general. The recent trend of “self-care” on social media tends to misrepresent what it means, often equating it to good hygiene- and whilst good hygiene can be part of self-care, it absolutely not the entirety of it.

The 8 Areas of Self-Care:

  1. Physical self-care: Anything that might help you feel physically better- naps, exercise, taking a warm relaxing bath, eating nourishing foods (or simply a fun, sweet treat).
  2. Psychological self-care: Improving your psychological well-being through mental engagement- creative tasks (drawing, painting, digital design, singling, dancing, playing an instrument) as well as journaling, digital detox, reading, meditation, practising mindfulness.
  3. Emotional self-care: Consistent of enhancing your emotional maturity and ability to navigate your feelings- involves saying “no” to things you’re not keen on, developing awareness of your own boundaries, practising self-compassion, positive affirmations.
  4. Social self-care: This simply refers to spending time in social situations with your loved ones. Examples of social self-care include: going for walks with friends, meeting new people, joining new communities.
  5. Professional self-care: This refers to taking care of yourself within your place of work-setting your professional boundaries, eating lovely nutritious meals at work, developing your professional skills and coaching, keeping organised.
  6. Environmental self-care: Taking care of yourself within the environments you’re in- decluttering your work and home spaces, recycling as much as possible, using reusable products, maintaining and keeping a safe and clean personal space.
  7. Spiritual self-care: Dealing with developing your mental health and rooting yourself spirituality. A couple of methods include: meditation, reflecting in a journal, reading books on spirituality, volunteering, acts of selflessness.
  8. Financial self-care: Taking care of your economic matters- keeping on top of your insurances, saving money to do things you might enjoy, paying your taxes on time.