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We have created an ‘open-university’ style scheme of work for students to work through their GCSE curriculum. Watch our fully animated videos of real teachers, listen to podcasts, take quizzes, download worksheets and revision notes. Primarily aimed at raising achievement in English and Maths, however, we have begun building content for Science, History and Geography and will develop more subjects soon.

The Education Secretary (2019) has endorsed the use of online platforms to fulfil the growing need for solutions in schools to accommodate more flexible teaching patterns. His views are mirrored by many, especially those who work with disadvantaged and vulnerable children:

” Those from lower-income households are less likely to attend school regularly, are less likely to achieve higher grades, are less likely to pursue higher education and are less likely to find work after school. Without intervention, a relentless cycle of disadvantage begins which spans generations and leaves families feeling hopeless.

– School Home Support, Registered Charity

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