We specialise in a range of classes to improve your grades


Our courses cover both the Language and the Literature GCSEs and are predominantly taught by the charming Miss Shaw and Miss Meeks (our founder). We illuminate subject knowledge whilst tackling the skills needed to succeed in the different papers. Tackling everything from Shakespeare to Steinbeck our courses cover literature across the ages!


Our humanities area covers History: ancient and modern, Geography: Human and Physical and Religious Studies: Philosophy Ethics, Islam and Christianity.Miss Wainer having headed up a humanities department for a number of years knows what content students need and how best to deliver it.


Mathematical concepts for both calculator and non calculator papers are broken down and explained by Mr Martineau.We cover all aspects of the foundation and higher papers at GCSE and have started producing content for A-Level for students sitting early entry or those at Post – 16 studies.


Your Science Teacher, Mr Hegarty, will take you through your Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. Developing Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of the different disciplines. The content is designed to foster a love of Science, not just get you through your exams.