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Advanced Reading Exercise, Week #2.

The answers from last week’s advanced reading quiz are: 1) A ship and 2) A raven/crow. (They look alike therefore we’ll allow either, since the reading exercise was a visual description.) Congrats to everyone who attempted the exercise, it was a tricky one to start with! This week’s exercises read: I’m the lifeblood of all, fluid and frigid. The power I grasp can slaughter the safety of a tiny construction, uplift and dissolve it, tout de suite. My depravity however, ends there for my powers […]

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Advanced Reading Exercise, Week #1.

Introduction to the exercise: The advanced reading exercise is going to be a weekly post, consisting of some ambiguously-worded, very vague descriptions of common objects. These will feature some higher-level vocabulary that you may not encounter in your texts daily, so do feel free to look up definitions of words you do not know and jot them down for future reference. This is exercise is designed specifically to elevate the level of your comprehensive reading, expand your vocabulary, and hopefully provide some inspiration for all […]

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