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Drugs, alcohol and all the other forbidden fruit.

Consumption of all the fun little intoxicants tempts many. Many actually venture to do it, without knowing the risks of consumption. Alcohol, consumed in excess, has been proven to cause damage to the tissues in the brain, in fully formed adults. Pubescent, young people are still growing and developing, which means your brains are not quite fully formed yet, therefore any consumption of alcohol could be considered excessive. Alcohol therefore, can cause damage to young brains. So it doesn’t matter how tempting it is to […]

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Open Day Tips

Open Days are so important when you’re considering a university – besides Applicant Days (days similar to Open Days but only available to applicants who have received an offer from the university) they are your only opportunity to ask lecturers some questions, get advice from current students, see student accommodation in real life, and really get a feel for the campus. However, most university campuses are massive and it is so easy to be overwhelmed, slip into the crowds, and hold your questions in only […]

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The Final Countdown

“and maybe we’ll come back … will things ever be the same?” The return to school after the summer holidays always will be just a distant thought for every pupil out there snapchatting, messaging, binging Netflix or heaven forbid actually socialising with other human beings! For now that’s just what it is, a distant thought. But believe me, its coming. Whether you like it or not. So if you are going back for another invigorating year of learning, you may as well be prepared. Just […]

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