Personal access

Take control of your learning. Log in at any time of day and get instant feedback and support for topics you are finding tricky.

Range of courses

Our content is always growing, we will cover all aspects of the core subjects starting with GCSEs and moving down to Key Stage 3 and up into A-Levels.

Expert Teachers

We don’t have script writers, we have teachers! All of the team have had a minimum of 5 years of teaching, so they know what knowledge you need and how best to learn it.

What we offer

  • Our platform contains the GCSE curriculum content for EBacc subjects presented in different formats. There are interactive lessons, movie files, podcasts and downloadable worksheets and guides.
  • Our teachers are all outstanding professionals with commitment and experience in their specialised subject area.

Example of our Maths films:


Example of our English films:

  • Students login and find a Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC) for the subjects they are studying.
  • Regular assessment opportunities are inbuilt, providing immediate, valuable feedback.
  • As they revise through the various mediums the (PLC) is updated, keeping track of how much revision they are doing and identifying gaps in knowledge.
  • Parents and Schools can access the platform with the ability to monitor, goal set and incentivise study.
  • Individuals, classes and schools can all compete and interact.
  • Students who are educated offsite can have access to quality teaching.
  • Schools who face staff shortages and long term illness can play our virtual lessons to classes to ensure differentiated, diverse engaging learning that has been created by a subject specialist.
  • The platform is accessible 24/7 and on laptops, phones and tablets.

You really helped me, I started off working at a 3 and then because of your help I managed to get a 5 and a 6! I am very grateful for all the help you gave me.


I would like to say a big thank you for helping me pass my english GCSE’s! I passed with 5’s on both my literature and my language paper and I give you full credit for that.


I can say, with absolute confidence, that Miss Meeks’ teaching helped me, and my other classmates, grow in our skills exponentially…She teaches in a manner that is packed to the brim with knowledge and information, yet is still fun and enjoyable.


It’s just another manic Monday…

…and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and…you get the point. So, ‘how are you anyway?!’ You *I bet* ‘Fine thanks, just super busy!’ Just super busy…Sound familiar? In fact, I struggle to think of a time recently where this hasn’t been the response I’ve received (or given for that matter). And for the most part, I think that it is true for most people. But why? Well here’s my thoughts. It’s pretty hard these days not to be busy isn’t it? I mean, […]