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Our content is always growing, we will cover all aspects of the core subjects starting with GCSEs and moving down to Key Stage 3 and up into A-Levels.

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You really helped me, I started off working at a 3 and then because of your help I managed to get a 5 and a 6! I am very grateful for all the help you gave me.


I would like to say a big thank you for helping me pass my english GCSE’s! I passed with 5’s on both my literature and my language paper and I give you full credit for that.


I can say, with absolute confidence, that Miss Meeks’ teaching helped me, and my other classmates, grow in our skills exponentially…She teaches in a manner that is packed to the brim with knowledge and information, yet is still fun and enjoyable.


Advanced Reading Exercise, Week #2.

The answers from last week’s advanced reading quiz are: 1) A ship and 2) A raven/crow. (They look alike therefore we’ll allow either, since the reading exercise was a visual description.) Congrats to everyone who attempted the exercise, it was a tricky one to start with! This week’s exercises read: I’m the lifeblood of all, fluid and frigid. The power I grasp can slaughter the safety of a tiny construction, uplift and dissolve it, tout de suite. My depravity however, ends there for my powers […]